Технологии порошковой окраски

FPS – 15 Octabin

Powder transport from Octabin original containers

The OptiFeed Octabin (FPS15) Fresh powder system is designed for conveying the powder from large Octabin containers.

The OptiFeed PP06 Powder pump transports the powder from the original container. Alternatively, in the case of enamel and certain organic powders injector powder pumps can be used.

  • To ensure that the OptiFeed Octabin FPS15 is segregated from the operators during normal operation,
  • an option is available for the FPS15 to be shielded by a protective fence. The fence has doors that are released by the control unit to allow authorized technical personnel access to the FPS15.
Customer Benefits:
  • Tilting angle control for complete emptying
  • Container vibration
  • Suction lances with integrated fluidization
  • Pump or Injector control