Технологии порошковой окраски

FPS – 19 Box

Fresh powder transport from the original container

The OptiFeed Box (FPS19) Fresh powder system is designed for conveying the powder directly from the original powder manufacturer‘s container.

The OptiFeed PP06 Powder pump transports the powder from the original powder box up to a distance of 25 meters.

The equipment technology includes:
  • Container vibration
  • Suction lance with integrated fluidization
The key advantages of the PP06 at a glance:
  • Conveying of large quantities of powder across long distances and different height levels
  • Gentle conveying of powder with minimal air flow
  • Cleaning program in suction and conveying direction
  • Powder hose cleaning
  • Option to connect superior control systems
  • Suitable for organic, metallic and enamel powder
  • Servicing interval monitoring
  • Easy to put into operation